The Indigo DAO Kickstart Campaign

3 min readSep 26, 2022

As the Indigo Protocol approaches launch later this year, the Indigo Labs team feels that it is time to begin fostering an engaged and diverse DAO community to run the protocol once launched. In planning for this, we will present a series of governance proposals to the DAO throughout October and early November which together will lay the groundwork for the launch of the Indigo Protocol. Every aspect of the Indigo Protocol, including its launch, will be governed into existence in a decentralized manner through the Indigo DAO. The Indigo DAO Kickstart campaign is designed to bring awareness and grow the community into what will soon become the Indigo DAO, helping ensure that the DAO is prepared on day one to manage the future of the Indigo Protocol and its ecosystem.

The Indigo DAO Kickstart campaign will include 5 off-chain governance Temperature Checks submitted through the Indigo Governance Forum beginning on October 3rd. Weekly, DAO members will discuss and vote on specific launch-ready features of the Indigo Protocol, as well as the governance structures that will sustain the protocol for years to come.

The off-chain Temp Checks will take place in the order of:

  1. The DAO Constitution (Oct 3–7)
  2. The Indigo Foundation (Oct 10–14)
  3. Indigo DAO Voting Procedures (Oct 17–21)
  4. iAssets (Oct 24–28)
  5. Indigo Launch Proposal (Oct 31 — Nov 4)

Releasing these Temp Checks on a weekly cadence will, we believe, foster a detailed review of the ideas and concepts presented and encourage sustained discussion of how to build the best synthetics protocol possible. The importance of educating each other on the benefits of the DAO and participating in the DAO’s operations cannot be overstated as the future of the Indigo Protocol lies in the hands of its DAO members.

Becoming a DAO Kickstarter

To help grow the Indigo DAO, we are asking the Indigo community to invite new users to the Indigo Discord and Governance Forum. These platforms are the best place to interact with the team and community, to learn about all things Indigo, and to take part in the decentralized launch of the Indigo Protocol. Community members who help grow the DAO membership and awareness of the Indigo DAO will earn the role of “DAO Kickstarter” in Discord and be awarded an accompanying badge. To earn these illustrious OG designations, you only need to refer 3 new members to the Discord via a unique referral link. A descriptive video guide on how to do this can be found in the DAO governance channel of the Indigo Discord.


The Indigo DAO Kickstart will be one of the most inclusive series of Governance initiatives of any DAO on Cardano to date. Join us tomorrow, September 27th, 5PM UTC, for our 10th Indigo Insights Community Call announcing and discussing the Indigo DAO Kickstart campaign in the Indigo Discord. A recap document will be released later in the week to the Discord community for those who were unable to attend the Community Call. With launch rapidly approaching, now is the time to encourage the DAO to take responsibility and lead the way forward for the Indigo community. Indigo Labs looks forward to presenting these five Temperature Checks to the DAO which will freely vote upon the series of documents, specifications, and features that construct the Indigo Protocol.

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Indigo is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol built on Cardano