Indigo Protocol Goes Open Source: Unlocking a New Era of Transparency

Open-sourced smart contracts empower developers, strengthen security, and foster ecosystem growth

2 min readApr 19, 2023

The Indigo Protocol has taken a significant step towards true decentralization by open-sourcing its smart contracts. A recently-released GitHub repository contains the entire suite of Indigo Protocol’s smart contracts, enabling the community to review and build upon the codebase with meaningful contributions. By making the source code openly accessible, the hope is that developers will be empowered to help foster a thriving Indigo Protocol ecosystem.

The Journey to Open Source:

Indigo Labs team has always believed that a truly decentralized protocol requires an open-source codebase. This move is a mission-critical step forward for any DAO-controlled protocol, empowering the governance token holders and decentralizing the protocol by allowing more contributors.

Benefits of Open-Sourced Smart Contracts:

The open-source nature of the Indigo Protocol’s smart contracts brings numerous benefits:

  1. Trustless, secure operations: Open code ensures that smart contract-enabled applications function as intended and promote trust among users.
  2. Efficient markets: Open code empowers users to understand risk and eliminate the need for most regulators through robust KYA.
  3. Self-auditing capabilities: Open code allows for continuous monitoring of changes, ensuring safety through global community scrutiny.
  4. Ecosystem growth: Open code fosters innovation and collaboration, offering insights to new builders.
  5. Software forks: Open code enables forks that accelerate progress and benefit developers.


DeFi on Cardano is growing and the open-sourcing of the Indigo Protocol’s smart contracts paves the way for a more transparent, secure, and innovative ecosystem in the future. Developers and the community alike can now freely access the GitHub repository and build upon the codebase to create an even more robust, optimized, and decentralized Indigo Protocol. This move will hopefully inspire others to follow suit, contributing to a new era of source code transparency for dApps on Cardano.

Indigo Protocol smart contracts Github repository:

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Indigo is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol built on Cardano