Indigo Private Testnet Concludes

3 min readJun 1, 2022


After two weeks of strenuous testing, we are excited to announce that the Indigo Private Testnet has come to a very successful conclusion. We would like to thank our community and everyone who has contributed to the Indigo Private Testnet. The team has received great feedback, bug reports, and positive responses from the testers.

We approached the Indigo private testnet differently than most by giving pre-selected participants access to a private testnet that had a complete set of functionality available to them. This allowed users to develop feedback, review the UI/UX, and perform overall web application testing over a 14-day period.

The following Indigo Protocol features were available to testnet participants to run through their paces:

- Mint an iAsset through a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP)

- Manage CDP through Deposit and Withdraw of collateral

- Manage the collateral ratio of an iAsset through Mint and Burn functions

- Liquidation of an Under Collateralized Debt Position

- Deposit and Withdraw from a Stability Pool

- Redeem Rewards from a Stability Pool

- Deposit and Withdraw INDY from Staking

- Redeem INDY Staking Rewards


The participant’s feedback will help Indigo deliver the best experience possible for both new and advanced DeFi users. We received several bug reports as well as general feedback on how to improve the overall experience. Here are just a few of the more notable feedback items:

  1. The UI/UX was not as easy to navigate by new users as we would have liked, so we will be spending a lot of time providing ways for users to learn about how to use the platform directly within the UI regardless of their knowledge level.
  2. We will build and implement a transaction log view to the UI allowing users the ability to quickly see all of their past actions.
  3. We will be providing a more robust experience for transaction submission, including giving the user more immediate and detailed feedback on whether a transaction was successful or not. And if not, a better explanation will be provided as to why.

Community Quotes

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What’s next?

Now that Indigo has successfully completed the private testnet, we are focused on compiling all of the feedback and integrating it within various application features. Once we have successfully implemented these and other road map improvements we will deploy the protocol to the public testnet. We currently expect that to happen in Q3 this year, with mainnet launch to follow shortly thereafter. Make sure to follow our Twitter, Discord, or Telegram to keep up to date on Indigo’s progress towards public testnet and mainnet launch.

About Indigo

Indigo has a long-term vision to tokenize the real-world economy and will play a key role in both DeFi and RealFi by providing people & institutions exposure to assets they wouldn’t normally have access to. Indigo allows for the minting of synthetic assets (iAssets) for traders to gain price exposure to real-world assets. Additionally, iAssets enable significant advantages over traditional assets: users can hold them in fractional shares and trade them irrespective of their geographic location or market hours. Users can benefit from price exposure to the underlying asset without going through the obstacles of purchasing and holding custody of the asset. Enabling price exposure to assets via Indigo’s noncustodial & decentralized architecture unlocks opportunities for wealth creation at a global scale for anyone with an internet connection.

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Indigo is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol built on Cardano