The rise of DeFi protocols for derivatives, lending and exchanging assets has opened up an entire new category of noncustodial financial services in cryptocurrency markets. On face value DeFi products resemble traditional finance (TradFi) instruments but these products are defined by the removal of trusted intermediaries. …

We are pleased to announce that Indigo just finished the first one-month audit before going to testnet. This audit reviews Indigo’s potential risks to guarantee good code quality. As transparency is an important characteristic of blockchain, we believe that it is necessary to disclose all our activities to the community.

Indigo Protocol has approached the issue of both tokenomics and a fair launch from a new perspective. Our focus for Indigo has always been to gain community trust, first and foremost, building with a vision of fairness and ease of use within the protocol for the native token itself in…

Indigo Protocol

Indigo is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol built on Cardano

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